Sunday, July 22, 2012

Digital book, "Thy Son Liveth", 1918

I just read the first digital book on computer that I have ever read.  It was EXTREMELY INTERESTING!  It was published in 1918 by the mother of a son who had died in Flanders in World War I.  He kept visiting her after his death and she recorded all of his words!

I am not taking it for the gospel truth, but it had a lot of very comforting things about the afterlife which he described.

I choose to believe some of the things in the book, especially the part about the spirits who comfort people as they are dying.  It sounds like whole groups of spirits are assigned to be on battlefields, to help the dying as they transition into the spirit world.

There was a General Conference talk in the past couple of years, where a general authority (I don't remember who) told about a little girl in the hospital. She said "all the little children here have angels with them."  Since it was said in General Conference, I will take that as a true statement.  And this book seems to say the same thing.

Here is the book.  It is about 88 pages long, and is free.


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