Friday, April 19, 2013

Church purse for Elizabeth

Our granddaughter Elizabeth, 6 years old, spent the night with us a couple of months ago.  I asked her what she wanted to make, and she said she wanted a church purse.  I let her pick out all the fabric, then she watched while I serged the edges of the ruffles and while I sewed it onto the base fabric (some hot pink pre-quilted stuff that someone had given me.)

I wrote her name along the top edge (not shown in this photo).

I surprised her by lifting one of the ruffles and writing a "secret message" with free motion quilting.  I wrote "Made with love, from Grammy".  You can only see it if you lift the ruffle up.

Her mom says she shows those words to everyone, and tells them that it is a secret and they can't tell anyone.

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