Monday, February 11, 2008

"Book Lust" and "More Book Lust"

I checked out two great books a few weeks ago. They have bad-sounding titles, but they are written by a librarian named Nancy Pearl, and she recommends her favorite books from every genre. "Book Lust" and "More Book Lust" have hundreds of suggestions for books to read.

Wayne and I were driving so I read him the suggestions from the "Space Operas" and "Science Fiction", "Sea Stories", and "Time Travel", and he was pretty enthusiastic about the choices he heard.

I particularly liked the books under the chapter "Cozies (books that make you feel good)" and "Natural Disasters", "Women's friendships", "Civil War nonfiction", "World War II nonfiction" , "Autobiographies and Memoirs".

I'm going to check out "Best for Teens" for Tara, she has a really discouraging time trying to find books to read.

So, if you need book recommendations, these are really good sources. Nancy Pearl included almost every one of my favorite books in there, so I think she has read everything on the planet.

If you want to know my favorite books I have ever read, they are:

My all time favorite novel:
"A Lantern in Her Hand- Bess Streeter Aldrich

Some of my favorite fiction:
And Ladies of the Club- Helen Hooven Santmyer
Harriett the Spy (my favorite when I was a kid)
Red Sky at Morning
High Road to China (This is the only one of my favorite fictions that Nancy Pearl didn't mention but I enjoyed it)
The Princess Bride- by William Goldman (very different than the movie)
Addie Pray (also titled "Paper Moon")
A fun old-lady series I read recently: "Miss Julia" series by Ann B. Ross (mystery books about a southern 60 yr old busybody)

My favorite nonfiction:
Guns of August, or any other Barbara Tuchman book, she writes great history
The Know-it-all- One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World by A.J. Jacobs (this was the most enjoyable book I have read in the past several years)
Hugh Nibley LDS books

Nonfiction Self-help books that really helped me
Getting Things Done-David Allen
Ready for Anything-David Allen
Clutter’s Last Stand –Don Aslett