Monday, December 30, 2013

Photos from Zac

It was great skyping with Zac on Christmas Eve.  We really enjoyed visiting with his companion, too, who is from Argentina.  Wayne and the companion had a fun time speaking Spanish to each other while Zac tried to understand what they were saying.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our family Christmas #4- In Pittsburgh

We drove to Pittsburgh to visit Bryce's family.  While we were there, we got to talk to Zac on Skype!  He is on a mission in Brazil, and we got to see his smiling face for an hour while we heard about his life there.  This is our first missionary to Skype with.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with Bryce's family.  We went to downtown Pittsburgh to a big Christmas display and a great toy store. Unfortunately I hardly took any photos!    

Our family Christmas #3- in Virginia

We drove to Virginia to be with Adam's family.  We saw the lights at the Washington D.C. temple,
decorated another gingerbread house,

saw the Great Falls of the Potomac, and also went to the Air and Space museum.  It was great to see their new home.

Our family Christmas #2

I like to buy gingerbread kits after Christmas and save them for the next year, my favorite part is helping the little kids decorate them.

Our family Christmas #1

We got together with Isaac's and Seth's families, and Tara, before Christmas for family time.  I brought costumes for the 6 grandchildren who were there.  Because of Hannah's and Tessa's actions, there were some sarcastic comments about the "good angel" and "bad angel."

About the same time as Hailey ripped off her wise man crown,  Hannah turned into the "fallen angel".  (We also loved the tattooed Mary.)

Elizabeth "Mary" wanted to take this very reverent picture, and she looked lovely with her baby sister.