Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dr. Suess wedding guestbook

We went to Britt B.'s wedding reception last week, and were surprised when we went to sign the guestbook.  It was such a cute idea!  We were signing in between the pictures and words of the Dr. Suess children's book, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" 

That was way better than a stale old guestbook, like the one we had at our wedding.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Zac's first long email from the Brazil missionary training center

 Zac had the craziest first week I have ever heard of!  He was basically forgotten for a few days.  Here is part of his first email home.

"The first day was the longest of my life.  I got no sleep on the plane, and then when I got to the CTM they kept us busy until that night introducing us to everything.  When I got there they had no idea I was coming.  The first they heard of me was when the person picking missionaries up at the airport told them an extra one arrived.  So I have had two other companions all week.  elder. J,, and elder. P.  What I expected was very different from what actually happened. 

To put some perspective on things James G. arrived at the MTC with 800 other elders and sisters, and Quin V. arrived a week later with 1000 other elders and sisters.  I arrived with two other elders and they both became my companions.  We were it the whole day. 

The week before only one elder arrived from New Zealand elder. O., and a week before him one elder arrived from virginia elder. Smith.  This is what makes up my district.  Other than that between 15 and 30 other elders and sisters arrive from Brazil on Thursdays.  On Sunday I counted all the english speaking missionaries here, there were 19. 

After the first day we were basically forgotten about.  We would show up to things on the schedule, but most of the times no one would show up, so we would go somewhere and study.  We never knew what to do until saturday, when we finally got put on the same schedule as the two other elders in our district who knew what they were doing.  I never met any of the other english speaking missionaries until Sunday.  My Portuguese is coming along faster than I ever thought it could."