Friday, January 31, 2014

Snowy walk

It snowed here on Tuesday, and Wayne has been working from home ever since.  On Wednesday at 1:00 in the afternoon he took a break from his computer and asked if I wanted to go on a walk.  I said sure!  So we each put on our big heavy snow boots and went out walking for an hour and a half.  Then we realized that it has been almost exactly 34 years since that first time we went out in the snow in 1980.  It was really fun to tromp around in our woods and explore some of our neighbors' land. That is our house behind us.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Portrait of me in 1963

Here are two other pictures taken at that same portrait session.  These are some of my favorite pictures of myself.  I was almost 4 years old, Feb. 1963..

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Debi and me in 1963 and 2009

My mother's dad died of cancer in February 1963, and she took me from Oklahoma to Arizona to go to the funeral.
Her sister, Alice, was in town as well, so they took their two daughters to get our portraits taken.

My cousin, Debi, has been my best cousin over the years, and she visited me in 2009.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Dad

 My dad is around 3 years old, in 1932.

This might be his first grade picture.  The teacher has her hand on his shoulder.

Here is a story from his grade school years.  The girl in front of him had two long braids, which she kept flipping over her shoulders onto his desk.  He took out his pocket knife and cut them both off.  When the girl started screaming that he had cut off her hair, the school teacher marched him out of the classroom, and he remembers her saying, "I'm going to throw you down those stairs!".


Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Wedding 1980

 Walking out of the Salt Lake Temple, almost 34 years ago.

Our reception was at the R. Spencer Hines House in Provo.

I am so happy that I married him!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Amy and Wayne 1980

 Wayne and I went to the Preference Dance at BYU, and got engaged that night.

 I went through the temple at Provo two days before our wedding.  Wayne always tells me that he loves it when I wear yellow, it reminds him of this dress.

Wayne owned this 1965 Mustang, and I didn't have a car, so this was our only transportation.  This was the house in Provo where he rented a room, and I lived in a bigger house just down the block.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Diving 1980

 On our snowshoeing trip with our BYU Family Home Evening group, we came upon this snowbank.  The guys got the bright idea of impressing the girls by diving headfirst into it.  We got the cameras ready and they dived.
L to R: Wayne, Greg Poulsen, Dave Jensen, Andrew____, Jim Wassmer.

 Notice how high Wayne goes (he is on the left), and then how much deeper he goes into the snow than some of the others.

On those old cameras, we had to advance the film before we could take the next picture, so we were yelling at the boys not to move until we could get this photo taken.  They hated that.

Wayne says this is one of the dumbest things he ever did, there could have been a big rock or any number of dangerous things below that snow.

Friday, January 24, 2014

New photos galore.

I hired a high school girl to scan all my photos.  She keeps getting them done one little batch at a time.  So I better start posting them so my loved ones can get an idea of the back story of my life.
 Here I am in 1978 just before I left for BYU-Study Abroad, London for 6 months.  This is my mother and my grandmother, in Mesa, Arizona. 

 Here is Wayne, water skiing about a year before I met him.  I LOVE THIS PICTURE!  Now you know why I fell for him.

In 1980, we were in the same family home evening group at BYU, and our group went to a cabin for a snow shoeing trip.  (That is one of my roommates int the front.)  I hate the outdoors, but since everything was covered with snow I was not scared of snakes and bugs, so Wayne was convinced that I was an outdoorswoman.  (Little did he know how wrong he was.)