Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wayne in bishopric

What a shock--Wayne is now the 2nd counselor in the bishopric of the Raleigh University Ward, the singles ward in our stake. Here is a photo of the bishopric and their wives.

I am the only bishopric wife with any kids at home, so I will have to be juggling Tara and Zac at our ward and trying to be of service at the Univ. Ward as well (their meetings are held in a ward building that is 25 miles one way from our house). I have no idea what meetings I will end up attending. The bishop's wife and 1st counselor's wife will have callings and visiting teaching in the Univ Ward but I guess I won't.

I am happy that I get to continue teaching seminary, because I really want to.

I have such a testimony of the Lord's promptings in my life. For a year or so I have been scaling back in my quilt teaching and travelling, and at this point I have very few bookings left, just in time to spend more of my time supporting Wayne in his calling and teaching seminary. I am so thankful I was prompted to cut back, and feel confident that in several years I can start it all up again if I want to.