Sunday, September 30, 2012

Loved the Relief Society broadcast

 I loved the General Relief Society broadcast tonight.  Each of the 3 woman in the General Relief Society Presidency and President Henry B. Eyring gave such inspiring talks, which interestingly, all seemed to include messages about helping one another through times of trouble, and how the Lord comforts us and blesses us through times of trouble, either through the Holy Spirit or through other people.

I have a testimony that the Lord guides our general authorities and auxiliary leaders as they prepare their talks.  I know He inspires them with what to say.  It is my opinion that they all seem to want to prepare us for troubled times ahead.  Our only safety is to follow the prophet and keep God's commandments.  I know that God will help us as we keep our covenants and as we show Christlike service to each other.

I want to plead with everyone to get their food storage, get out of debt, get your homes and finances in order.

When I see the magazines in the grocery store, I am horrified by all the time and money spent on idolizing immoral people. The people in this nation have their priorities totally screwed up.  Lets spend our time serving others, studying scriptures, being good wives and mothers and friends, and preparing our families.  This country has major problems, and unfortunately, I don't think electing Mitt Romney will necessarily solve them.  

And that brings to mind my other huge fear:  that Romney will be elected, and THEN the economy will collapse (or another terrorist attack will happen, or WWIII will start, etc) and the disgruntled Americans will blame all the Mormons for the catastrophe and the persecutions on our church will start again.  So I am not that excited to have him elected.  (Don't get me wrong, I am voting for Romney.  I definitely believe if Obama is re-elected all that stuff will happen even faster.)

(Here is an example of the gimme mentality which is killing our nation: "Obama gave me a phone".  I am really ashamed of our nation training people to think this way.

Here are several articles pointing to troubled times ahead:

(And I'm not even including any articles about the heightening tensions between China and Japan, and Israel and Iran.  The Israel thing is bothering me the most, Netanyahu has hinted pretty strongly that there is going to be an attack on Iran, but when???  The price of gasoline will go SKY HIGH when that happens.)

 Spain's economy may be about to collapse, and if it did, it will trigger banking catastrophes around the world.

The possible results of QE3:

 The following 2 stories are about the expanded FDIC insurance ending Dec. 31.

The above story came from Forbes.  The story below is easier for me to understand, on the same subject.

As Phyllis B. used to say at the end of her Gospel Doctrine lessons, "Therefore, what?"
What do we do?

In my opinion it is time to fast and pray about how to prepare your families, because these bad things are all on the brink, and one of them will set off the next one.

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