Monday, November 5, 2012

Surprise! My quilts were still represented at IQF

I had the greatest four days at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last week.  I haven't been there in several years, not since I taught there last time.  And since I haven't been advertising myself, my business has fallen off a bit.  I am still trying to figure out how to get my business going again.

Anyway, I went with the expectation of just shopping all day every day.  I had no quilts entered in the competition, and I wasn't going to be teaching any classes.

Imagine my surprise when I saw one of my quilts on the main posters on entering the building:

 My quilt, "My Stars and Yoyos" is the quilt on the right.  It was purchased by Karey Bresenhan for the International Quilt Festival Collection about 2002.

 Quilts from that collection were photoshopped onto famous landmarks for a series of posters on the wall at the International Quilt Festival this year.

 My quilt happened to be on two different posters.

I have no idea why they said "antique" quilts.  Mine is certainly not an antique.

I was excited that my quilt was up there,  too bad my name wasn't there too.  Karey Bresenhan has full rights to publish it however she wants without having to put my name on it.  It would have been fun to see my name on the poster as well.

The next day I was in the Bernina booth, and they had one of  my quilts displayed in there too.  I had made it for them, in partial trade for a Bernina sewing machine they sold to me at a reduced price for national teachers.  It was fun to see that even though I have been quite absent from the quilting business for a few years, my legacy still lives on!


  1. What a pleasant surprise for you! I think all you have to do to get your business going again is call some places and offer to teach a class. You'll be on your way again!