Monday, December 17, 2012

Food for the Trek

Our stake has decided to do another youth pioneer trek in June, and yesterday Wayne was asked if he would accept the assignment to be the Quartermaster for food.  He said yes, and immediately went to work searching out websites and blogs about LDS pioneer treks.  He is all excited to spend the next five months testing out different recipes and campfire/dutch oven cooking methods so he can get the food all arranged and purchased.

He is super talented at this, and I am very sure he will do a great job.

Plus, I am SO THANKFUL that we don't have to be a Ma and Pa for a group of youth.  Hooray!

P.S. Yesterday he was released as 2nd counselor in the Young Men, but still kept his calling as Scout Master.  (He had been both.)

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  1. Cool! We got asked to be a Ma & Pa. Guess we've had it easy for too long.