Saturday, August 17, 2013

House on Nowata Road

This is the first house I remember, 5 miles outside of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.   When I was tiny, we had 4 children in one bedroom, and my parents in the other bedroom.  There was one bathroom with a bathtub (no shower.)  There was a window air conditioner only in the living room.

  Later, just before my sister Carla was born, my parents added an addition onto the house, connecting it with that garage you see on the far left.  They added a living room, a master bedroom and another bedroom, making 4 bedrooms in all.  Plus one more bathroom and a small sewing/utility room.

I can even remember my telephone number.    
The prefix was "Edison", so the phone number was ED 3- 1187,  or 333-1187.  It is amazing what you can remember when it was the first thing you ever put in your brain.  I will probably remember that number when I have Alzheimer's.

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