Monday, October 21, 2013

Quilt: "A House for Daisie"

This isn't the cutest quilt I ever made, but it has a great story.  I had made the quilt for no reason, it was just a center block that I had put big borders around, and I was quilting it to give as a charity quilt to a quilt guild.

As I was finishing it, it occurred to me that the fabric was covered with daisies.  I thought of a relative who was having a terrible legal battle over custody, and the little girl's name was Daisie. Then I saw that there was a house in the middle, and Daisie really needed to be able to come home.  Eureka!  I had made the perfect quilt to give to that family at that very anxious time in their lives.  And it was a complete miracle, because I hadn't even planned it.

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