Friday, January 24, 2014

New photos galore.

I hired a high school girl to scan all my photos.  She keeps getting them done one little batch at a time.  So I better start posting them so my loved ones can get an idea of the back story of my life.
 Here I am in 1978 just before I left for BYU-Study Abroad, London for 6 months.  This is my mother and my grandmother, in Mesa, Arizona. 

 Here is Wayne, water skiing about a year before I met him.  I LOVE THIS PICTURE!  Now you know why I fell for him.

In 1980, we were in the same family home evening group at BYU, and our group went to a cabin for a snow shoeing trip.  (That is one of my roommates int the front.)  I hate the outdoors, but since everything was covered with snow I was not scared of snakes and bugs, so Wayne was convinced that I was an outdoorswoman.  (Little did he know how wrong he was.)

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