Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake and Hurricane- So what else is new?

I saw on the news that there was a 5.9 earthquake in Richmond, Virginia today, not long ago.  I called Janette to see if she had talked to her dad in Richmond, she said he saw his walls and windows shake.

Then I walked into Wayne's office and told him.  He got all excited and said, "I felt that!" He thought one of our kids was jumping up and down in the house somewhere, but had wondered why it was shaking the slab.  He hadn't realized it was an earthquake.

I didn't notice it and I was just one room away from him.  I was too concentrated on what I was reading on the internet I guess.  

And the forecasters are saying Hurricane Irene is coming here Saturday, so I have to write a big document of Hurricane Instructions and send it out to everyone in the ward.  I'll put it on here too, but for the most part I put my Emergency Preparedness stuff on www.GottaWannaNeedaGettaPrepared.blogspot.com.

Lots of excitement!


  1. It was pretty strong at my office up in Wake Forest. Everybody in the whole building ran out into the parking lot. Everybody in the building next door, too.

  2. In my lab about half noticed and about half didn't. However, up in DC it was apparently pretty strong. Gave my little nieces a big scare, apparently my 3 year old niece cried for an hour.