Saturday, August 13, 2011

For History

I look at CNBC several times a day, to keep track of whats going on there.  I've been writing the Dow Jones industrial average and the gold prices and the oil prices in my diary every day for years.

I don't know why I took this picture on Monday, Aug. 8, 2011.  I guess I just wanted to record history as it was happening.

Standard and Poor's had just downgraded the U.S. credit rating, from AAA to AA+ on Friday after business hours.

So on Monday, Aug. 8, this is what happened. The Dow went down 633 points.

Then, the rest of the week, the Dow went up and down and up and then up.  It was a crazy week on Wall Street.

Since I paid attention, I figured I would just put it on my blog so I could go back later and remember what a strange week it was.

I expect many more weeks of turmoil to come.

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