Saturday, July 7, 2012

Zac is Brigham Young

Zac flew to New York yesterday, to be in the cast of the Hill Cumorah pageant.

They received their roles last night, and he called to say that he plays Brigham Young in the Restoration scene (the last scene.)   Zac grew a full beard for the pageant, so he won't have to wear a fake one.   He said his role is actually listed as "apostle", so he isn't ACTUALLY Brigham Young, but Zac said since BY was the youngest of the group in the 1830's, and since Zac is the youngest of the actors playing apostles, he has decided to pretend to be him.

I feel a little sorry for him,  because those costumes are VERY authentic, and he will have to wear the full shirt, cravat, vest, and long tailed jacket, and long pants every night during that scene, even if it is roasting hot.

He is also in the Lehi mob scene (the first scene of the pageant).  So at least his costume is much more lightweight and cooler for that scene.

This is Zac's 5th time to be in the pageant. (With the family 2003, 2005, 2009, on the work crew 2011, and as a young adult on his own this year.)

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