Saturday, October 13, 2012

August: Trip to Utah

I attended BYU Education Week in Provo Utah in August.  It was wonderful being there with a lot of my siblings and my mother.  We took a lot of pictures in Salt Lake City before we went down to Provo.

My mother lives in Salt Lake City, right across from the temple.  When I sleep at her condo, I leave the curtains open, and the lighted temple is the night light.  (These are my sisters, Cheryl and Cindy.)

We attended "Music and the Spoken Word" at the Conference Center.  It was my first time to be inside, and it was HUGE!  It was especially touching to me to see the very dignified and interesting presentation made by the sister missionaries as the crowd came out of the building, the sisters were so charming and sincere and the presentation was done so well, I could see how hundreds of people would feel comfortable agreeing to walk around with them for the tour of Temple Square.

My beautiful mother and I in the Conference Center.

Here we are inside the Tabernacle.  L to R: me, my mother, my sisters Cheryl and Carla.

I absolutely loved all the flowers around Temple Square!

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