Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy, Boxes, Tractor, Missionaries

I am worried that Bryce, Marianne, and Gabrielle are going to be without electricity for several days if Hurricane Sandy's effects go through Pittsburgh.  I urged them to get a Coleman stove, and was very thankful to hear they bought one.  I hope their area turns out to be fine.

There are still boxes everywhere in our house, the pantry got completely done on Saturday, but all the food won't fit in there, so I have to go to Plan B and start figuring out other places to put it.

Wayne spent a long time trying to figure out how to work the tractor, he was having trouble controlling his vocabulary because the manual was SO POORLY WRITTEN that he wanted to cuss and scream at whoever wrote it.  John Deere needs to hire a better instruction manual writer.
I can hear the tractor going right now, so I guess he is practicing driving it around.

Here is an article about the huge increase in missionary applications occurring right now.

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