Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Three Amigos

L to R:  James, Zac, Quin

Our son Zac has been friends with these boys since he was born.  He and James were born in the same hospital two days apart.  I went to see James' mother, Anne, in her hospital bed as I was checking out of the hospital.

Quin was born about a month later.

Our three families have been friends for more than 19 years, and were all in the same ward for most of that time.

Last night, Zac and James went to the temple for their first time.  Quin was endowed previously and came along too.  It was lovely to be in the temple with them and many members of their families.

James leaves on his mission to California next week, Quin leaves the week after that to the Philippines, and Zac leaves in May to Florianopolis, Brazil.

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  1. Which CA mission? Janettes uncle Steve Baker is the mission President of the CA Los Angeles Mission