Sunday, December 23, 2012

Not a Creature was Stirring, Not Even a Mouse

That phrase became more  understandable to me early Wednesday morning. At 3:30 am I was awakened by some loud rustling/paper rattling/chewing in the corner of our bedroom.  I realized it must be a mouse chewing through something so I woke up Wayne.  We both decided to just turn on a noisy fan and go back to sleep.

The next day we looked inside my church bag, and found the granola bar the mouse had been feasting on.  We found 8 cheap mousetraps we already had, and put peanut butter on the traps, and set them out in several places in our house.

Within 24 hours, all 8 traps had been licked clean, without killing the mouse.

So we baited them again.  Same thing.

We realized we were dealing with SuperMouse, and that we had dysfunctional mousetraps. (I think they had cost fifty cents a piece.)

So last night we went to Lowe's, bought some more high tech mousetraps (2 for $5), where the mouse goes inside the contraption to eat, and then it slams shut and squishes the mouse.  We also bought some more cheap mousetraps, TomCat brand, which were fifty cents each.

This morning the high tech mousetrap had been visited, the bait eaten, and the mouse was gone.

We reset that one and two of the cheap TomCat traps, and went to church.

When we came home, and saw that the $2.50 high tech one was tripped again, and empty again.  But there was a dead mouse in the 50 cent TomCat trap!  Hooray!  I think we just made that mouse so complacent after he ate some much peanut butter that he forgot to be careful

Our next plan is to keep baited mousetraps around for the next few days, just in case he has any friends and relatives inside here.

And then we are going to plug in those electronic high frequency mouse repellant things, and maybe no more mice will want to come.

(I need to add that Wayne carried the dead mouse out to the garbage.  He is MY HERO.)

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