Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wixom keepsakes and treasures

I was in Layton, Utah, last week and was able to take photos of the heirlooms which had belonged to Olive Nunn Wixom and Earl Partridge Wixom (my husband's grandparents).  We lived across the street from them in Layton from 1982-1987, so I remember many of these possessions very well.  They are now in Wayne's aunt's house.

Olive Nunn Wixom had a handdipped chocolate business for many years, and these were the scales she used to weigh the chocolates for the customers.

Aunt Carol said the scales originally belonged to Frank Adams, who opened the earliest supermarket in Utah.  Olive worked as a checker in his supermarket, and later he gave her space in the store for her to have a glass fronted candy case where she sold her handdipped chocolates.  Frank Adams sold the scales to Olive, and the scales sat on top of the candy case.  She used them the rest of her life, as she moved her chocolate business to various places.  For a long time she ran it from her own basement, and later from her daughter-in-law LaRue's basement.

These scales were originally white, but Earl Wixom painted them gold.

The name of her business was "Frontier Lady Chocolates", and here is one of her boxes.   In front of the box, you can see the paper insert which tells which shape is which flavor.

Olive also worked in the Bluebird Cafe in Logan, Utah, and here is one of their paper bags.

The metal sculpture on the wooden base has a strange story.  One day Olive and Earl were away from home, and when they got home they discovered that Olive had left the iron on.  The iron had completely melted into this lump of metal.  The great blessing was that their house did not catch fire.

Earl took the lump and mounted it on the wooden base, and wrote the story on the bottom.

I can remember Grandma Wixom showing me this and telling me about it when I was a newlywed.  Her advice was to unplug your iron everytime after you use it.  I have followed her advice the rest of my life.

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