Friday, May 17, 2013

Wixom keepsakes, part 3

Wayne's parents, Lu and Wickie, lived in Maine for many years while Lu was a park ranger there at Acadia National Park.  Earl and Olive Wixom, and young daughter Carol, came to stay with them every summer (Earl was a high school art teacher, so he had summers off.  It was too hot to make chocolates in those days without airconditioning, so Olive had the summer off too.)

This is a picture of Earl Wixom at the top of the Morgan Tower on Mount Desert Isle (Acadia National Park).  J.P. Morgan originally owned the whole island, and had given some land on Sand Beach to his daughter.  She and her  husband, Mr. Satterlee, built a house, a gardener's cottage, and this stone tower on their property.

Wayne's family liked to visit this tower while they were living in the old Satterlee place.  Later the Park Service tore the tower down.

Here are some great 1950's pitchers which belonged to Olive Wixom.

Aunt Carol has this old rocking chair.  It was brought into an uphostery business where Grandpa Earl Wixom was working, but after it was reupholstered the customer never came back to pick it up.  The business owner sold it to employee Earl for $15.  Carol remembers rocking so hard in it just to make it tip over when she was little.

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