Saturday, May 19, 2012


 I am awesome!  I know how to shop for my grandchildren!

Here is my haul for today:

I spent $70 at yard sales today.  I bought 13 (THIRTEEN) pair of children's shoes, all in almost new condition!  Each pair was $1 each or 50 cents each.  (To compare this with store prices, a couple of weeks ago I bought myself a new pair of walking shoes for $60 and some sandals for $20 at Rack Room shoes.  Yard sales are definitely a better deal!)

I bought 2 little boy's coats for 25 cents apiece!  I bought LOTS of children's clothing for $1 or 50 cents per item!  Lots of children's books.

About the only things I bought for myself were a couple of DVD's, videotapes, and the game, Sequence, which we played once at Isaac's and I really liked.

I can't wait to show all this stuff to my daughters-in-laws.  I already know that Elizabeth will like the 3 ruffly skirts I bought for her.

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  1. Score! Was it just me, or were the two boy's, one bigger (Thomas?) and one littler (Anson?) That would be great!