Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My ward building when I was a child

Bartlesville Ward.  This was the first church I remember attending.

When my parents first moved near Dewey, Oklahoma, on "the Ranch", the church was just meeting in a rented building, but later this church was built.  My dad donated the rock for the parking lots.  The church was one story in the front, but the back wing had a lower floor for the scouts and relief society, and an upper floor for Sunday School classrooms.

Phillips Petroleum was the largest employer in Bartlesville, and there were many strong LDS people who had moved there to work at Phillips.

When I was a child, we lived five miles out on Nowata Road outside of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and my mother would drive into church for Sunday School in the morning, and again to Sacrament meeting in the afternoon.  She had Relief Society on Tuesday mornings here, and we had Primary on Wednesday afternoons.  (The consolidated 3-hour block schedule started the year Wayne and I were married, 1980.) Cheryl went to Mutual on Wednesday nights and to early morning seminary here too. (We moved away to Cleveland, Oklahoma before the rest of us got that old.)

I remember being forgotten at church at least one time.  Mother had driven home with the other kids and had accidentally left me behind.  I was playing on the front lawn of the church with some other kids when she returned.

Another time, I remember being very naughty at church, and all the way home my mom said she was going to spank me as soon as we got home.  I ran in to the kitchen and put a plate down my underpants, thinking she wouldn't notice and it would protect me from the spanking.  I have no idea what happened after that.  (If one of my children had done that, I probably would have been laughing too hard to spank them.)

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