Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wayne to Wilderness First Aid training

I don't know when the Boy Scouts implemented a new requirement, but now the rule is that if the scouts go on an outing that is more than 30 minutes from medical professionals, a person has to be along who has the Wilderness First Aid certification.

Wayne is the scoutmaster now, so he went ahead and took the 2-day training on Saturday and Sunday.  It was in Winston-Salem, so we asked the Baughn's if he could stay overnight at their house Saturday night.  Sister Baughn was SO kind and hospitable, she made him a 5 course meal with fancy table settings and cloth napkins, etc.  Brother Baughn and Wayne had such fun talking for hours.  Wayne had such a wonderful time.  Those people are the salt of the earth.  (She used to be my visiting teacher when they lived here, they were in the temple presidency.)

I helped with the children while Janette and Rachel were making applesauce at my house on Saturday.  It was a good experience, they made about 44 bottles of applesauce out of 3 boxes of apples from the Farmer's Market.  (They would have made more, but unfortunately one whole pot of apples got burned, so that was sad.)  It made me feel like I could make applesauce in the future, because now I know how to do it.

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