Monday, November 14, 2011

New entertainment center

The house looks so much better with the new paint and carpet.  It makes us keep buying things to finish off the rooms.

We bought an entertainment center for our living room on Saturday from craigslist, I am SO THANKFUL to Isaac, Adam, and Seth for their help in getting it loaded and unloaded.  It was really heavy!

Zac's friend Tatiana just left.  She is a really cute girl and we enjoyed having her visit.  Although I ate too many homemade chocolate sandwich cookies and pumpkin bread and banana bread while she was here.

Things are looking bleak for the EU and also for the US.  Also, here's a report that the Chinese have started their own central bank, so eventually they won't have to deal with dollars anymore.  (Can you say "Bye bye, dollar as the reserve currency"?)’re-soaking-in-it_11142011

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