Thursday, November 17, 2011

Olive Wixom 1929 to 1937 Moving around a lot

Oct --- 1929- Robert was born...

March 19, 1930:  Earl was going to college and trying to make some money doing art work at school etc. We managed to get by. The folks had a cow and would send us milk every day....

One day I had a nickel and I debated whether to buy a head of lettuce or a Milky Way bar. I was so hungry for candy that the bar won out. I made it last for a week. It was so good.

Sept. 12, 1930 We came back to Logan, Utah and I went to work at the Bluebird Cafe. I was dipping chocolates. Earl came home and started to school again.

Jan. 21, 1931 I was laid off...We are in a depression. (They are living with Earl's parents.)

Feb. 9. 1931 The lunch counter in the Stockton Christensen store had been closed for quite a while so with the urging of Carnell (Earl's brother) I went up and talked to them about letting me open it up for them. I must have been sorta desperate or I would never had the courage to do it. They hired me and said go ahead. ...What a challenge. No one will ever know what I went through those first few days. It was a wonderful experience and it all turned out fine. I was lucky to be able to do it with the depression on so bad.....And having the folks (Earl's parents) tend the children I didn't have to worry about that.

1933 Spring. We moved up to Astel's apartment and Vonda tended our children. It was hard but we felt the folks had had us long enough.

Aug. 1 1933- I left the store...I wanted to go to Burley for a vacation so I went knowing I could get on someplace. We stayed 3 weeks then came back and stayed at Wixom's for 2 weeks til I could get going on a job. Started at the Bluebird (in Logan, Utah) and moved up to Mason's house in the front of it. Gibbon's family were in the other side of it.Lola tended the children and I started to work as soon as school started...Earl went to Burley again to work in the harvest.

1934 Spring- Moved ...behind the library building at the college, we lived in a tent that had a floor and boards built up around the sides. We had a very enjoyable summer...I learned to play bridge. (Note from Amy: Olive played bridge every week with her bridge club the whole time I knew her.) I was working at the Bluebird.

1934 Fall- Moved into the basement of Cardon's house with Buckley's living on the ground floor...Mother came down and stayed 4 months.

Spring 1935 Earl was laid off....Earl got his job teaching at the Indian School in Fort Hall.

Fall 1935- We moved to 691 East Center, in a house.

July 15, 1936 Earl...went to Driggs, Idaho to pick peas. Came back sometime in August.

Oct. 1, 1936 We moved upstairs in the same house that Dick and Carrie were living in.

June 1937- We moved up over Linford's Upholstering Shop where Earl was working. We were planning to buy a home but Earl got a contract to teach school in Freedom, Wyoming.

We bought our first electric refrigerator. It was a G.E with the round motor on top. It was so good to use the rest of the summer. When we left we sold it to Dulcie because they didn't have electricity out in Freedom.

Earl and I and the kids took our stoves over to Freedom in a trailer. We had bought a kitchen one and a nice brown Heatrola. The kitchen stove was a cute little green and white enamel.

This picture was taken around 1977, and shows Olive's daughter-in-law LaRue on the left and granddaughter Mitzi on the right.  Olive's daughter Carol had installed the old stove in her party room above the barn, and used it there for many years, until they remodeled the barn into a large beautiful home.

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