Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amy went camping in the rain Part 2

We had spent a lot of time that evening, sitting under the shelter and splitting wood.  My husband had found a small fallen tree which was laying sideways against another tree, so it wasn't on the wet ground.  He had used his saw to cut it off from the root ball, then hauled the tree to our campsite and sawed it into firewood lengths.
He has been reading a lot on the internet about how to split firewood.  He learned about a new way to use an axe.  He has always swung it up over his head.  Now he learned to tie the logs together with a chain and bungee cords, then hold the axe straight in front of you. and let it drop at the same time you squat down.  This allows the axe to go straight downwards, instead of coming back toward your legs.

Splitting small logs while they are tied together.  Using the "squat and drop the axe" method.

He also read about "battoning" logs, that is splitting them using a hunting knife as a wedge and hammering the knife down through the log with a sturdy piece of wood (a baton.)  He taught me to do that, and we split a lot of kindling and tinder as well as just splitting the logs.
Sorry, I don't know how to turn this photo.  Here I am, whacking away at the end of this hunting knife, making the knife go down through the log. 

My husband was amazed I was doing all these things, but with what I believe about the future, I've got to become knowledgeable about all this in order to survive and help my family to survive.
(I told him I wanted a hunting knife for my birthday, so I can split wood too.)

My batton, and the kindling and tinder we split using a hunting knife.

I agree with Quin Hillyer in the title of this article:  Newt Gingrich is the Bill Clinton of the right, with half the charm and twice the abrasiveness.

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