Thursday, January 26, 2012

Amy went camping in the rain Part 3

That night I tested out sleeping in a 0 degree mummy bag, and woke up saying I want to buy a 0 degree rectangular bag, I hated that mummy bag.
The Kelty tent worked well, it poured rain all night, but we had unfortunately forgotten to stake out the side of the rainfly so there was one place that dripped.  I had been worried about being cold, so I had slept in my sleeping bag with a folded polar fleece blanket on top of it. In the night I felt the polar fleece, and it was sopping wet on top and dry on the underneath layers.  So that totally convinced me of the insulative usefulness of polar fleece, and how it can still be warm when it is wet.
In the morning I learned to build a one-match fire.  We built up the fire inside the Stovetec rocket stove using the tinder and kindling we had made the night before.  Everything else in the vicinity was drenched, so we couldn't have gathered twigs.
My husband made scrambled eggs with chopped up Spam and onions, and fried some of the bread in the skillet with a little oil and some season all.  It was a pretty good breakfast.
We packed up and came home, and I have to say that it was a very positive experience.  Too bad I didn't learn this stuff earlier in my life.
Browning the onions and Spam before adding the eggs.
We're cooking on the Stovetec rocket stove.

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