Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Setting us up for a Bad Prince

Obama's followers seem to be turning a blind eye to his disregard for the Constitution.  But his actions are setting a terrible precedent for future presidents.  Even if Obama is such a benevolent president (as they believe) what will they do if the next president goes even further to circumvent Congress, with outcomes they DON'T like?

The English philosopher John Locke, who so influenced our Founding Fathers, wrote that a "good prince" is more dangerous than a bad one because the people are less vigilant to protect against the aggrandizement of power when they perceive the ruler as beneficent.
I fear many Democrats are falling into this trap. They like President Obama and his policies, and they are willing to look the other way when it comes to constitutional niceties. The problem is that checks and balances are important, precedents created by one administration will be exploited by the next, and not all princes are good.

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  1. It clearly is a concocted story and reads like a novel, however what is being said is almost entirely truthful. There will be a time soon, like there was at the Great Depression, that things will come to a screeching halt and people's money will be worthless due to much of this reasoning. A few hundred thousand in your bank account will be worthless vs a well stocked pantry and no debt. If you are skipping out on food storage and paying down debt to try and hit that "magic number" then you are going to be in trouble sooner than any of us really know. Listen to the prophets!