Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obsessive, Compulsive Using Up Fabric

I went to a silent auction at Capital Quilters Guild last week, and purchased two huge bags of fabric scraps for $1 and $1.50, and also lots of quilt magazines for about $2.50.

I've been having lots of fun looking at the quilt magazines and ripping out pages.

And I spent part of my birthday sorting through all the fabric scraps.

The two women who donated these bags of fabric were very different.

Woman #1:  Here was a woman who could not bear to throw away ANYTHING.  She included every microscopic scrap from every project she did in the last year, and saved up the bag to donate it.  I threw most of this fabric in the trash, because the pieces were too tiny to use.  BUT this woman also included a bunch of quilt blocks in the bag.  I am assuming when she made several quilts, she miscounted and made a lot of extra blocks.  Rather than throwing them away, she put them into her donation bag.

Woman #2:  This woman wasn't very talented at rotary cutting her fabric.  For every quilt she made, she cut off large strips of fabric off the selvedge ends, and threw the strips into a bag, and donated it later.  This bag was completely stuffed with strips of flannel fabric, mostly in baby prints.

Now I have a confession to make:  I have an obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to fabric scraps.  I HAVE TO USE THEM.

So I have spent lots of happy hours in the last couple of days sewing charity baby quilts out of those fabrics.  (These are just quilt tops, I'll let somebody else tie them or quilt them.)

The quilt at the top left was made completely by me, out of the flannel strips from bag #2.

The quilt at the top right was made out of quilt blocks which were in the first bag of scraps.

The quilt at the bottom left was made from 3 crazy quilt blocks which were in the flannel bag.  I only had to make one more block and put it together.  That quilt is my attempt at the"Gee's Bend" look.

The quilt at the bottom right was also made of quilt blocks which were in the first bag of scraps.  You will notice there is no yellow/blue border on two sides of the patchwork.  Too bad, thats all of those pieces that I got.  I'm sure that a baby won't mind.

No, they aren't works of art, but I can donate them to a charity and someone will like them.

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