Monday, April 11, 2011

So proud to be an Okie

(Oklahoma is one of the states included in this article:  GO OKLAHOMA!!!!))

A wide-ranging rebellion is indeed under way – by a large majority of states – against what they claim are intolerable and blatantly unconstitutional encroachments by the federal government. And they are seriously intent on declaring such unconstitutional lawsnull and voidin their state.

Take Obamacare: Most people know the GOP-led House of Representatives repealed it (though the Democrat-controlled Senate almost certainly will not, nor will Obama ever sign it). And many also know 27 states are challenging Obamacare in court. But what few understand is that at least 11 states are attempting to legislatively nullifyObamacare within their borders. So far, an act to nullify the entire federal health-care law has become state law in Montana and Idaho, has been approved by one house in North Dakota, and introduced in eight other states – New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon, Nebraska, Texas, Wyoming, South Dakota and Oklahoma.
What about the federal government's labyrinthine gun laws? Eight states have already passed laws – signed by their governors – telling Washington its firearms regulations are not valid in those states for weapons manufactured and purchased in-state. Many other states are on the same legislative track.

There's much more: Utah last month became the first state to make gold and silver legal tender in that state. Twenty-four states are defying Obama by copying Arizona's immigration law – the one the Obama Justice Department sued Arizona over. Lawmakers in 40 states are working to halt the epidemic of "anchor babies" establishing "birthright citizenship." And 13 states are considering laws that would require every presidential candidate – including Barack Obama – to prove he is a natural-born citizen before his name can be placed on that state's ballot in presidential elections.



  1. Are people seriously still claiming Obama is not a citizen? That is completely bizarre, unless he also has a time machine. Both of Hawaii's major newspapers include announcements of his birth on Aug. 4, 1961.

    If you disagree with his policies, that is well and good. But when you have to resort to publishing ridiculous lies to back up your position, it completely undermines the credibility of your argument.

  2. Then why has Obama spent millions of dollars trying to keep the records secret, when it would only cost $20 to get his real birth certificate. All he has ever shown is his certificate of birth which is completely different, filed sometime after his birth. His (step?) grandmother in Kenya already said she was there in Kenya when he was born, his sister and one other relative both gave the names of two different hospitals when they said he was born in Hawaii, and the Governor of Hawaii swore he would get to the bottom of the whole thing, and publicly gave up.

    Not a single doctor or nurse in Hawaii can confirm he was born there, you would think someone could come forward.

    So you believe what you want, I don't believe he was born in Hawaii.