Saturday, May 14, 2011

Camping out, of my own free will

Last night I volunteered to go with Wayne to the Raleigh University Ward's camp out, which coincidentally was held the same night as several other wards had their Father-and-Son's camp outs.  We were at Falls Lake.

This was the first time in my life I actually asked to go camping.  And it turned out fine.

We had practiced setting up our tent and cots a few weeks ago in our living room, so I was able to do that all by myself (with a little help from some ward members) while Wayne was setting up dining flies with some other people.

We got the dining flies and the tent set up only minutes before a huge cloudburst.  I was glad I had gotten all the bedding inside the tent before that.

Because everyone else had eaten while we were setting up camp, when I finally went to get some food all that was left was a cold baked potato and some potato salad.  And some warm soda pop.  And then to top it off I ate a whole package of Peeps.  Ah, the joys of camping.

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