Friday, May 20, 2011

Class on Internet Safety- What I learned

Brother West came to our ward to give a class on internet safety.

He taught us to set our Facebook so that all our personal information was hidden from strangers.  He said to treat everyone you don't know as a stranger.  Don't give them any personal info unless you know them in real life, and they were someone you would tell that knowledge to.

The catch with that is that every time Facebook changes its page, it wipes out your privacy settings.  They are in business to help their advertisers get information, so they try in every way to allow their advertisers to see all the demographics of their users.  Therefore, this is their way of opening up the information.

 He told the story of helping his 18 yr old daughter to set up her privacy settings, so you couldn't see anything but her name.  So he was teaching an internet safety conference to policemen, and used her Facebook page as an example because he knew they wouldn't be able to see anything.

Facebook had reset everything, they could see her birthday, phone number, address, everything.  It made him very angry.

The message is:  Check your privacy settings weekly or at least monthly to see that Facebook doesn't reset them to non-private.

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