Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's new

We are curious to know what Wayne's next church calling will be, now that he has been released from the bishopric.

I still haven't gotten Zac's Eagle Scout final paperwork turned in to the scout office.  Every time we think we are done, we find one more thing that needs to be signed or completed.  I am totally sick of it.

I have been on the South Beach diet again, and have lost 4 pounds in 8 days.  I really like the South Beach diet, I always have good results with it.

Only one month from today, Zac will fly away to New York to be on the work crew of the Hill Cumorah pageant.  He is so excited to do that.

I have a new assignment from the bishop, in addition to my calling as Provident Living specialist.  Now I am the Youth Conference specialist.  I get to do all the emails and communication between the stake and the ward, and also inside the ward, for all the Youth Conference details.

Our ward created this position because they said last year they were completely run ragged by all the emails coming from the stake Young Men and the stake Young Women and the stake YC housing coordinator and the stake YC food chairman.  It made them insane to get so many requests.  So now I get to receive all the emails and then make the assignments to various people in my ward.

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