Sunday, May 1, 2011

Water Pipe broke in ceiling

This morning just before we left for church, we found water dripping from the ceiling onto the kitchen floor.  We turned off the water main to the house and it slowed down.  I took the computer out of the kitchen (so no water would drip on it) and then went to church.

When we came back from church, there was no additional water dripping but we have not turned the water back on.  (We hope to get a plumber here on Monday.)  We had to figure out how to live with no running water the rest of the day.  We cooked, handwashed the dirty dishes that were in the dishwasher, flushed toilets, some people in the family took "washcloth baths", all with tap water I had stored in juice bottles all around the house.

So far we have used 28   1/2 gallon juice bottles full of water.   That equals 14 gallons.  For 4 people, we have used 3.5 gallons each in one day.

After the water pipe broke, we did not take real showers, we hardly ever flushed the toilets, and we did NO laundry.  Just the bare necessities for one day.

The church recommends storing 1 gallon per person per day as your emergency supply.

I say that is not enough for comfort.  That is the bare minimum for survival, but not comfort.

So please get it through your heads, you will want to have more than 1 gallon per day.  Believe me.

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