Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rob's Wedding

Wayne and I just returned from his nephew's wedding in the Atlanta Temple.  

The temple was only rededicated a week ago, and was just beautiful.
They took all the old chandeliers and melted them down and created all new stained glass windows using the glass.  
They changed the floor plan a little.  The waiting area (for those who don't have a temple recommend) has been expanded, and took up the area that previously held the cafeteria and clothing rental.  Someone there told me that many of the bigger temples have recently gotten rid of their cafeterias and clothing rental, I had no idea those were  being discontinued.  

Wayne saw his old friend Brother Adams, who was one of his leaders as a youth.  Brother Adams was one of the two men, outside of his family, who had the most influence on Wayne's life.  They had a lot of fun talking to each other.  (That is Linda G's father.)

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