Monday, March 5, 2012

All my mother's descendants, minus Adam

Here is the family portrait we had taken at the Clarkson Family reunion in 1996.  This is the first and last time all of my mother's six children and all her grandchildren were ever together in a photo.  I think the only grandchild not born yet is Spencer.

Notice the T-shirts:  they were all adult sizes, even for the kids.

And notice Adam, at the left side of the picture.  He was 14 years old, and could not be persuaded to stay long enough for the photo.

If you want to know where my immediate family is:
Wayne is near the top at the right side, leaning on the railing.
I am standing in the front, near the right, holding Zac.
Isaac is standing next to me, with his hands on Tara's shoulders.  I don't know why she is wearing a pioneer sunbonnet.
Adam is off to the left.
Seth is at the left of the group, near the corner of the building.  Bryce is next to Seth.  Most of Bryce's face is covered by his cousin's head.

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