Thursday, March 15, 2012

New HVAC unit, new water heater, other news


I have workmen all over my house today.  We have had a leaky water heater for a few months, but it is in our garage so I just put a bucket under the overflow pipe.

Then yesterday we found out our furnace/air conditioner unit needed repair, and I wanted to just let it limp along all summer and get it fixed next year.  I did NOT want to buy a new one.

The guy that came to give the estimate could see that I wasn't that interested in replacing it, so he kept phoning back and forth to his company to see if he could give me a better deal.  When it finally came down to it, he had lowered the price on both of them so much that we basically got the water heater for free.

That just goes to show that if you truly don't care if you get the deal or not, they keep going lower and lower until sometimes it is worth it.

Also, today I finally got to the bottom of my #10 can of powdered eggs.  I use them all the time for baking, I only use fresh eggs for doing scrambled eggs, etc.  It is interesting to keep track of how long a food storage item lasts.  I have started writing when I opened the can on the outside of each can.  This one took 9 months to use up.

I can see on my can of powdered milk (that I use for all my baking, but I never use it for drinking) that it only takes us about 3 months to use it all.

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