Thursday, March 1, 2012

Zac started scanning pictures for me

Hallelujah!  I got Zac to scan a bunch of photos which I have waited for years to get digitally.  So in the next few weeks I will be showing some of our best stuff from our photo albums.

July 1986
Adam 4 years 3 months
Isaac 2 years 7 months
Seth 1 year

I bought Adam's shirt, but I sewed the two airplane shirts and the shorts.  I used to make most of my kids clothing, until I discovered sewing for boys was no fun.  After that I used my creativity for quilting.

(Adam, this was about the same time I made a shirt for you with surfers and sharks on it, and a matching shirt for your teddy bear.)

From the American Thinker:  "Ten Indications that Obama is Scared"

#7-Obama is changing his slogan.  
Realizing that "Yes We Can" has turned into "Well, I Thought We Could," and that "hope and change" now applies to getting rid of him, Obama must adjust his catchphrases.  Obama's handlers are testing various new sayings, but the bad news is that nothing is sticking.  The new phrases being tested are "Winning the Future," "Greater Together," and "We Don't Quit," and Obama has begun lacing these in his speeches, but none are resonating, which is why Obama is panicking.

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