Friday, March 9, 2012

Wayne's grandparents

 Beatrice Snow Winsor
Wife of a water expert.  She was an artist, and used oil paints and watercolors.
Mother of six children:  Polly, Bea, Lu, Mip, Ken, and Pat.
(Their correct names are Pauline, Beatrice, Luther Snow, Muriel, William Kenneth, and Patricia.)

Luther Murkins Winsor
Irrigation and Flood Control Engineer
Father of six

Helped Persia/Iran to design its irrigation and waterways, and got stuck there through the duration of World War II.

Studied where mudslides would happen in Utah mountains.  (Later, neighborhoods were built in Bountiful, or maybe Farmington, where he said not to build, and the mudslides wiped them out.)

(Added later)
Information I just received from Wickie (their daughter-in-law):

"Luther Murkins Winsor graduated from Utah State College with a degree as an irrigation and flood control engineer.  I think that it was a very new kind of degree at the time.
I believe that his early career was as a county agent for the government.  He later designed and supervised the building of flood control dams and structures to control the runoff from the canyons and ravines, also waterfowl refuges, including the Bear River Refuge, near Brigham City and one in North or South Dakota."

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