Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Mother

L to R:  Larry, my mom, Cindy, Cheryl, about 1957
Here is my mom with her first 3 children.  It is astonishing that she had the courage to have a fourth one (me) or the next two after that.
Back row L to R:  Cheryl, my dad, baby Jamey, my mom, Cindy
Front row:  Larry, Carla, me wearing large flowers.  1968
She got no help from my dad in anything she did (household, automotive, childcare, church activity, children's schooling) so she was an amazing woman to bring us all up so well.

Thank you, Mother!

And I'll throw in some politics here at the bottom of the post:

It makes you wonder what else is going to come out about him.

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