Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gasoline to go to Pilot Mountain and Back

Wayne went with the scout troop to Pilot Mountain. The gas was paid for with scout troop money.  Here is a math story problem for you:

 The Mustang held 4 people and no gear.  The gasoline (at $3.90 a gallon) was $37.  How much did it cost to haul each person?  (Answer:  averaged $9.25 each)

Our 15-passenger van took 14 people, plus pulled the scout trailer behind with all the gear.  The gasoline was $105.  Not counting the "stuff", how much did it cost to haul each person?  (Answer: averaged $7.50 each).

Of course, if you add in all the gear in the trailer and all the gear stuffed around the people inside the van,  the van hauled a lot more proportionately to the Mustang.  But I don't know how to write that story problem.

The moral of the story:  our 15 passenger van is AWESOME!

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