Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who decided this was okay?

This makes me feel very sick.  I can't imagine deciding to put the face of a president that I love (such as Reagan) on a flag, it would never have occurred to me.

First of all, I would have known that it would offend the people who didn't like him.

 Second, the flag is a symbol of our nation, not a way to show our political party.

The Democrat party leaders in Lake County, Florida seem to have no understanding of how public opinion works.

the chairwoman of the Lake County Democratic Party took down the "Obama flag" after a group of veterans protested, but she also said that she is not promising that she will not put it back up and that she is going to consult an attorney about all of this.

They must be unbelievably socially inept, or, more likely, just wanting to ram their political preferences down our throats and challenging us to do something about it so they can claim we are "intolerant" or "racist".  I would feel the same disgust if they put Jimmy Carter on it.

And to repeat, I would not even want Reagan or Calvin Coolidge on it.  The face of a president on the flag is against all my principles.

Another thought:

Doesn't this remind you of the other countries that plaster pictures of their leaders all over the place?  I thought we were different here in America.

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