Monday, April 9, 2012

50-miler, er, I mean 32-miler

Wayne and Isaac and Zac set off Sunday, April 1st for the Smokies, to go on a 50 mile backpacking hike during spring break.  They expected to come home Saturday night.

Instead, Wayne and Isaac agreed that it was a great idea to end the hike at 32 miles.  (Zac could have gone on a lot longer.)  So they spent some money in Gatlinburg and came home a day early.  It was great to have them home on Friday night instead of Saturday night.

Here are the guys setting off on their adventure, crammed into Wayne's Mustang.  In the past they always took the van, but this time the gas is too expensive to have that luxury.

Here is the back view of Zac.

I could have sworn the guy in the green shirt was Bryce.  It is actually Isaac (Bryce is in Utah.)  Even Isaac said it looks like Bryce.  The bandana around Isaac's head makes him look like he has brown hair in the front.  (Click on the photo to make it bigger.)

Wayne took this picture to show all the beautiful flowers they walked through.

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