Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Electric plant employee gives some bad news

This doesn't make me have confidence in the electrical grid.

"I worked with equipment that was 70 years old or more, some that no longer had instructions, or any information on how it worked or was installed.  Missing drawings, blueprints, schematics.  No parts available.  Work done and changed and never noted or drawn up, so no one really knows what’s out there.  

Training for new engineers and techs, that lacked any quality control, so new construction was always faulty, and needed to be reworked, hopefully before we blew anything up!  Sometimes, it came awful close….And I am pretty sure it isn’t the only power company like that.  

New equipment purchased with out any manuals, or training, so no one knew how to install or use these protection devices.  The line crew thought we did, we thought they did…and the purchasers were not within our reach…and protocol doesn’t allow us to speak to them…it is a nightmare.  Security is lame, that is why so many are stealing the copper wire we used.  

I could go on and on..but suffice it to say…when I worked there, I suggested everyone I met stock up on wood and candles.  And get used to not using power…because there is no way it can continue at the rate we are using it, something is going to fail."

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