Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beatrice Snow Winsor's funeral program

To my kids:  Here is your great-grandmother's funeral program from 1973.  When I saw who spoke at her funeral,  I was amazed.  Of course, it shouldn't be too surprising.  Her best cousin was Spencer W. Kimball's wife, Camilla Eyring Kimball, and her next door neighbor at Eagle Gate apartments (with an adjoining back door and balcony) was Joseph Fielding Smith.


  1. You have to also remember that her step-father was Miles Romney, down in Colonia Juarez...

    1. I found this nice biography on Miles Romney that includes Beatrice: http://www.orsonprattbrown.com/Romney/miles-park-romney1843-1904.html

      Thought you might find it interesting!
      ~Kathie (Winsor) Wright