Friday, April 13, 2012

The Lord protected Zion's Camp

Here is another story from church history that I love:

It is from “Church History in the Fulness of Times”, Religion 341-343 Institute manual, copyright 1989,1993, page 148-149.

Events at Fishing River

This happened during the march of Zion’s camp. Four hundred men had gathered to destroy the Mormons.... “but the Prophet promised that the Lord would protect (the saints). He declared, “Stand still and see the salvation of God.”

“...a small black cloud appeared in the clear western sky....As the first ferry load of mobbers crossed the Missouri River to the south, a sudden squall made it nearly impossible for the boat to return to pick up another load. The storm was so intense that Zion’s Camp abandoned their tents and found shelter in an old Baptist meetinghouse nearby....”

“...the beleaguered mobbers sought any refuge they could. The furious storm broke branches from trees and destroyed crops. It soaked and made the mobbers’ ammunition useless, frightened and scattered their horses, and raised the level of the Fishing River, preventing them from attacking Zion’s Camp. The Prophet recalled, “It seemed as if the mandate of vengeance had gone forth from the God of battles, to protect His servants from the destruction of their enemies.”

“Two days later, Colonel John Sconce and (two members of the non-LDS militia) rode into Zion’s Camp... “I see that there is an Almighty power that protects this people” Sconce admitted.”

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