Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Care for some moonshine?

In "The Civil War" documentary, by Ken Burns, it says that during the Civil War, the homemade liquor made by the troops was called, "Nockum Stiff", "Bust-Head", "Pop Skull", and "Oh Be Joyful".

On the "Beverly Hillbillies", they sometimes called it "White Lightning."

I think nowadays it is commonly called "moonshine."

 Here are some photos of the moonshine still the guys found in the backwoods of the Smokies.  I had never seen what one looked like before.  Wayne assumed this one was operating back in the 1930's, during prohibition.

My high school English teacher, Mr. Chessmore, taught us a little poem:

I had a little girl,
She lived on a hill,
She's a moonshiner's daughter,
but I love her still.

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  1. I don't know about the timeline on that one, but dad used to 'bust' stills and we sometimes had gallons of crystal clear 'moonshine' sitting in our carport waiting to go to court as evidence in trials for the distillers.