Monday, October 24, 2011

A.P. Winsor Senior's Family group

Click on photo to make it bigger.

I recognized the man kneeling at the very right because of his kinky hair.  That is Luther Murkins Winsor, (who is A.P. Winsor Senior's grandson.)   This would be a year or two before he married Beatrice Snow.  (Wayne always said his brother Brian inherited that hair.)

According the newspaper articles I posted Saturday, this photo was probably taken at A.P. Winsor Sr.'s  95th birthday party in 1913.

(Of course it would have had to be taken before A.P. Winsor Sr's death date of 1917.)


  1. Haha, wow, that is an amazing hairdo. Out of the entire group, Luther Murkins looks like the most likely to become a supervillain. :)

  2. So, is this Luther Murkins Winsor Grandpa Winsor's dad then? Still trying to learn the Winsor genealogy...and yes, that hair is SWEET!